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Case Study on Recent Projects


At the mid-point of 2019, we pause to reflect on the performance of four recently completed projects and engage with our clients and major project resources to establish the effectiveness of key Project Management methods and their ability to improve project delivery.

In this recent study we approached a diverse range of stakeholders, including the principal’s representative, superintendent representatives, design consultants and builders. The responses received strongly indicated their views of improvements in overall project delivery when the PM methods were applied, with three out of the four PM methods below receiving a 100% response. This further reinforces the results of the 2017 survey where the success measures were rated in the order of 70-80%.

We also asked the respondents what their learnings were and what has worked well from their point of view. This often produced a diverse range of responses depending on the individual’s experience, and their role within the organisation and project. Nevertheless, there were strong themes that carried weight through the different projects and operating within different environments that should be considered further when establishing the next Project or Program for improvements to the project delivery or program outcomes.

One of the most prevalent themes fitted under the broad description of “Communication”. Interestingly this was found across all respondents to have both positive and negative aspects, which underlines its importance to any program and project success. We understand the need for communications plans to be developed, agreed and enacted, but it is more than that. The important thing is to establish clear, succinct communications that are;

  • Timely to an agreed schedule or response timeframe.

  • Utilising proven measures to program outcomes.

  • Problem solving and collaborative in their approach.

  • Utilising project wide communications systems for archiving and access information.

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