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Forward Planning & Modelling, testing Best Value Outcomes


Despite the ground swell and ever increasing list of Project management apps and software claiming to provide project success, the one thing that remains constant is that establishing an agreed Plan at the outset (then monitoring and evaluating its delivery) is one of the true critical factors in enabling Project success. This has stood the test of time and has been proven on some of the most demanding program and projects such as the MCG and many others.

The beauty of forward planning is that a Project or Program of Projects with a common goal can be realistically modelled and tested before implementation and commitment of serious money. This can also add significant value to the realisation of the best value outcomes and avoid significant loss or failure. Forward planning, modelling and testing before implementation is “applied common sense” and greatly informs the decision making process prior to approval, thus realising if a project or program of projects will really be workable and deliver value for money.

PSA is often called into organisations to support them when they are faced with forward planning for the implementation of a Project or Program that is considered too challenging for that organisation's in-house expertise. Factors which organisations can find challenging to coordinate include multiple stakeholders, competing priorities, interdependencies, proven methods, high risk environments or strict deadlines and budgets to be met, to mention just a few.

The method by which a Program Management Plan (PMP) is developed and the need for a rigorous testing / review process for the end outcomes are essential, often overlooked, aspects of the due diligence and business case preparation. The absence of such testing can lead to ill-informed decision making which may have ramifications for the Project/Program in the future.

The necessary planning and preparation undertaken by PSA over decades and proven on such iconic Programs as the MCG Redevelopment for the Commonwealth Games, provide clients with cost effective methods to test the different delivery options. Risks such as operational impacts, resourcing, scoping assumptions, cashflow forecasts and returns, be it Return on Investment (ROI) or Social Return on Investment (SROI), may be properly worked through the plan to test the best value that the Project or Program is, in reality, likely to deliver.


A well tested PMP also serves to respond to Project risks enabling strategies and profiles to be identified and agreed, ensuring overall alignment with the organisation and necessary approval decisions.

An agreed PMP that has been tested by PSA for its ability to deliver value for money is proven to be the roadmap to project success. The PSA PMP has proven best value for money in public and private project investments, enabling the most effective delivery of feasible and sustainable outcomes.

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