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Stakeholder Engagement to Deliver Value Outcomes


By identifying the real Stakeholder wants and needs and aligning these with an organisation's strategy you will enable one of the key factors of Program and Project Success.

PSA have recognised this through their 30+ years of experience and have designed this into their Program Management Methodology and nationally aligned training course.


A program that is designed, planned, implemented and continually monitored and communicated for stakeholder valued outcomes will ultimately lead to the best value being delivered.


To determine who your stakeholders are, you should ask yourself upfront: ‘Who should be involved?’ The more people have to gain from a project the keener they will be to support it (from engagement to planning to implementation) and the greater their interest in its outcomes and the benefits it can deliver to them. So, it makes sense to be inclusive and not exclusive with our stakeholders.


Your stakeholder engagement method must be well considered for your specific needs. Different environments and communities of people will require different engagement methods and techniques. An online dialogue may work for some remotely located groups and organisations, but a more hands on tactile method may be best suited for others, either way may be true. The critical action of engaging is often overlooked and the implications of that can be long felt if it is not done in the most effective way.


There are a range of different types of stakeholders in any given project and they are defined by the role they play in the project and the power, urgency and legitimacy of this role.  This process allows you to analyse relative to each one and it will also help later to create communication plans and other engagement based on the analysis of the stakeholders.

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