Scaffolding Removal Reveals Restored Flinders Street Station

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The steps of Flinders Street Station have been a favourite meeting place for Melbournians ever since the station was built in 1910. Over the past 18 months it has been undergoing a facelift all the while maintaining its function as one of Melbourne’s major transport hubs. The scaffold removal is now complete revealing the newly restored façade of the heritage listed building.

In 2015, the then State Government department Major Projects Victoria, (later merged with Development Victoria) engaged PSA Project to lead the project planning role and to test the delivery model and staging that would be required.

PSA’s planning experience with heritage listed and operational public buildings was instrumental in developing a strategy with Development Victoria that would allow for the necessary offsite design and engineering of the scaffold to access the façade, roof and domes as well as the overall approach to be adopted by the tenderers.

A staged implementation was necessary to enable the rail authority approvals required to undertake works on the south elevation. It was also necessary to stage the work due to the specialist nature of the trades and the limited number of capable resources available to the contractor. Not to mention that working on one of Melbourne’s busiest CBD Street caused severe restrictions in terms of logistics and accessibility, in turn impacting productivity rates.

During the Construction phase, PSA continued to support Development Victoria (DV) by providing regular independent monitoring of the Contractor’s progress against their contractual deliverables. PSA worked closely with the Contractor to analyse programme updates providing the DV Project Manager with confidence that the changes in Contractor methodology were adequately detailed with consideration of resourcing in the constrained environment.

PSA is pleased to have played an integral role in delivery of this successful project with the newly restored façade and roof ensuring that Flinders Street Station will continue to shine as one of Melbourne’s most iconic buildings.

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