PSA Working with the CSBA

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

2020 has seen PSA working closely with the Community Safety Building Authority, (Formerly DOJ) to prepare two sites in regional Victoria for an increase in prisoner capacity to meet demands on the male prison system. Using their industry knowledge and experience, PSA worked with the project management team and the prison operators to develop options for staged construction delivery and to arrive at a suitable methodology that can be executed with an acceptable risk profile while seeking to elicit the best value for market pricing. During the tender stage, PSA provided comprehensive assessment of tenderer construction schedules including normalising and utilising the agreed programme as a valuable baseline to compare the offers.

Live operating facilities pose security and health and safety risks that require clear separation of activities and adequate space and time for works to be completed. PSA is experienced in developing feasible and practical plans and apply their methodology to engage the key stakeholders and to see the development from their eyes. This enables a balanced and unbiased viewpoint to prioritise the works to lead towards the best value outcomes for the project.

As part of this planning stage, PSA has also created 4D models to support the communication of the complex construction phase which has seen the overlay of the 3D site facilities model colour coded with the master programme timeline. This has been developed from discussions with the Client and their need for alternative methods to communicate a 2D Gantt chart in simpler views that can be presented throughout their stakeholder forums. The feedback from the 4D videos has been a positive step towards people's ability to understand the project in a quicker manner than through the use of other 2D presentations. It was extremely beneficial for Prison Operators, Executive Management and Tenderers to swiftly orientate themselves with the scope and sequence of the projects.

Early works packages have been implemented to good effect. This delivery strategy has reduced the risks of upfront inground works causing delays to the completion date and providing greater certainty of delivery costs. We look forward to fulfilling our construction progress monitoring and reporting with the Client and achieving project success.

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