PSA Supporting DHHS in Preston Renewal

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Forming part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to “providing better homes and stronger communities for all Victorians” is the recently completed Preston Renewal Project which provides 68 new comfortable, modern and energy efficient public housing dwellings in the suburb of Preston.

PSA were engaged by DHHS early in the Construction process, based on our experience and understanding of multi-level residential construction and complex projects in populated residential environments. PSA were to provide monthly site assessment of works against the Contractor’s Program and to identify mitigation strategies for delays and risks along with the assessment of extension of time claims.

The project consisted of two apartment buildings, a three storey which was completed in February 2019, and a four storey which was completed in June 2019. Implementing project management practices to oversee the construction process, builder and subcontractors by DHHS was critical in allowing the staged handover of the buildings to occur and enabling the first one to be occupied whilst construction continued on the second.

The newly completed residences are a testament to the Victorian Government’s goal of providing quality, comfortable social housing for Victorians who need it.

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