PSA Improving Practices for NEXTDC

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

PSA are excited to announce our partnership with NEXTDC, Australia’s leading independent data centre operator. With the explosion of data and our increasing reliance on technology, there is unprecedented demand for secure data and infrastructure storage locations across the country. As a premium provider of data centre solutions, NEXTDC have emerged as an important partner to many organisations, meeting the increasing demands nationwide for critical power, security and connectivity services.

With a commitment to drive continuous improvement and innovation in building an infrastructure platform that is redefining best practises in Australia, NEXTDC have partnered with PSA to deliver programme management and project expertise to support them on their quest to reduce the risks of their capital expenditure and to provide better outcomes for their customers. PSA will collaborate closely with NEXTDC’s dedicated Capital Works team to test and develop project plans and apply our proven method for monitoring the design and construction progress, to ensure critical projects are executed with precision.

NEXTDC’s data centres are designed and engineered to the highest performance specifications and certified to global Uptime Institute standards. These premium facilities go above and beyond the standard office building in order to support and secure organisations specialist IT equipment and data, along with world-class security protocols for secure access, specialised HVAC systems and unprecedented power demands for buildings of this size.

These are no ordinary buildings and PSA are pleased to work alongside NEXTDC. Similar to the programme management role undertaken for Australia Post on the Parcel Sorting Machines and Optical Character Recognition technology, we are looking forward to teaming these extraordinary facilities with PSA’s first- hand experience with other leading technologies. In partnership we will build a rigorous testing and acceptance procedure to ensure processionary planning, implementation and monitoring processes that will service these buildings and the customers they support for years to come.

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