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The Creative Heart of Geelong

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Creative arts are an important part of the Geelong community, with Geelong having been designated a UNESCO Creative City in 2017. To continue and improve on the value provided to the community, the Geelong Performing Arts Centre, originally constructed in 1981, has undergone a major upgrade to continue to facilitate that role for the next generation.

PSA congratulates the Geelong Performing Arts Centre Ryrie Street Redevelopment team on the successful completion of its Stage 2 works which saw the expansion and upgrade of the centre. The upgrade incorporates new rehearsal studios, additional dance studios as well as provision for creative industries offices for the community. The new Ryrie Street building also incorporates a two-level foyer with connection to the existing Playhouse Theatre and Church. The build was presented with increased challenges and complexity due to the need for the centre to remain operational throughout construction.

PSA Project Director, Garry Smart, has been involved with the Stage 2 works since 2017, initially to review and test the overall project outcomes and feasibility. Further support was provided by PSA in the review of tender submissions, finalisation of a contract programme, extension of time reviews, and regular reporting of contractor progress in the months leading up to practical completion.

With planning and preparation of Stage 3 works now under way, PSA has again been engaged to work closely with Development Victoria, consulting with both the design team and key stakeholders to undertake development of a Master Programming for the business case pre-planning & detailed staging for the contractor tender along with assessment of the Head Contractor tender.

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