PSA Project - Established 1985

PSA have over 35 successful years of experience in the provision of Program Management. PSA’s Program Management methodology is proven through the global PMI sponsorship of our PhD Action Research Award.

Our proven & extensive range of Program and Project Management covers the full range of activities related to program definition, program benefits delivery, and program closure through programs of projects such as the MCG Redevelopment for the Commonwealth Games, RMIT University Campus Redevelopment, Melbourne Park Upgrade, Community Program Management, Post Disaster Program Management, Toyota offshore, Melbourne Airport Redevelopment, International Development Projects, Pragmatic Action Research, Communities of Practice, ASRC, BSL, RMIT and WoC.

PSA's purpose is to make Project Management work for you by delivering services and training which are practical, workable, sustainable and achieve your goal.

Our actions are guided by our Values:

  • Leadership

  • Integrity

  • Pragmatic 

  • Value Contribution



PSA recognise the value of applying the discipline of Project Management methods and techniques to improve the outcomes for an organisation and reduce risk of project failure. PSA has continued to focus on this discipline and develop, test and implement best practices to keep them on the leading edge of Project and Program management, providing the following services:

-Project Management & Delivery.

-Programme Management & Master Planning.

-Post Disaster, Community Program Project Management.

-Training, Mentoring & Workshop facilitation.


PSA develop strong relationships with its clients and stakeholders to understand the real project needs, this is demonstrated by our long-standing client engagements. This unique capability is a critical aspect of evaluating the delivery strategy and enabling a prioritisation to inform delivery and project success.

PSA bring this strong depth of experience and capability from major infrastructure projects to the project teams to offer the best value Program Management Services.



We’ve helped countless clients find solutions to their project challenges by applying our expertise and skills.
Read on to learn what our clients have to say about their experiences working with us.


City of Glen Eira, Director Assets and Facilities

"....I have found PSA's advice to always be sounds, and the quality of their services of a high standard.."






Paul has served as CEO of PSA Project Management for over 30 years and has led the way in new Project Management implementation for major projects such as the MCG Re-development.



Garry, a Director of PSA, has over 30 years of experience in Project Management, with extensive experience on major work sites including the coordination and control of major design, construction and subcontract works.



David has been with PSA since 2000 and demonstrates a positive attitude, solid teamwork and logical problem solving to achieve the best valued outcomes which has seen him perform as a valuable asset to some of PSA’s biggest & most challenging projects



Carl has extensive experience working in both the commercial and non-profit fields and brings a wealth of experience and energy to our team.  Carl comes to us from well known advisory firm Pitcher Partners in Melbourne, who look after financial, management, and project consulting for some of Australia's largest private businesses.



Annaliese has recently stepped into a Project Officer role while currently studying to obtain her Bachelor of Applied Science in Project Management at RMIT. She has arrived at PSA having had 5 years experience in retail management in Victoria and Queensland, giving her good grounding in business and stakeholder management, while receiving further training in project management.



Faize has recently joined PSA as a Project Officer after graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management from RMIT. He has begun to build experience in a range of residential and commercial projects, and is continuing training to further his knowledge and experience in Project Management.

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